I'm Kassandra and here's a little bit about me...

For as long as I can remember, I've  been making people over. In 2002 I graduated from the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis and moved to Portland, Oregon to follow my dreams. I opened my own salon and worked as a freelance hair and makeup artist for editorial photoshoots and bridal parties. 

After many years in the fashion industry, I realized that my true passion was not working with models to create a perfect image, but working with real women, helping them discover their natural beauty. I teach makeup lessons and specialize in cutting hair that frames the face, highlights the best features and honors the way the hair naturally falls.  I believe that a good haircut can be life changing! It should style effortlessly without the need for hot irons or an army of products every morning.

Sometimes the most difficult part of a salon experience is feeling rushed and misunderstood. It is my goal that each client who sits in my chair would feel cared for, listened to and empowered. I take my time, paying thoughtful attention to detail and I strive to create a relaxing environment where creativity, beauty and friendship grow.